Socrates believed the “unexamined life” was one not worth living. We must celebrate our triumphs, learn from our mistakes, and embrace the healing journey when it comes. With all my heart, I welcome you to this new chapter in my life, after an absence of nearly 10 years, the devastating loss of my beloved, James Woodard, and a slew of events designed to permanently cripple me. I am blessed to return, grateful for the chance to rebuild and reinvent a better life.

Not long back, I was at the salon when the woman washing my hair began screaming–in English and her native tongue–as clumps of my thick hair started falling out and rushing with the water down the drain! All that was left was a few strands that have continued to fall out if the slightest wind blows or a comb gets close. I have left my DNA all over Dallas! Very shortly, I will be posting new photos of the new look, with updates on the book and the new life of the author who penned it. WELCOME! Shall we begin again?

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” –Coco Chanel


EXONERATED vividly details the instant bond James and Joyce shared as soul mates and the challenges that arose when their disparate worlds collided. This riveting account serves as a blueprint for how to navigate innocence and avoid the painful lessons they learned about justice, freedom, power, and love.

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